Friday August 1st


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Family Force 5: Win It Before You Can Buy It
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Plus, Tim from House Of Heroes joins The RIOT to talk about IndieGoGo and Kye Kye releases new video for “Softly.” It’s a WIBYCBI weekend on RadioU with Family Force 5’s brand new album Time [...]

Band interviews

House Of Heroes on The RIOT
Posted On July 31, 2014 | No Comments

Tim from House Of Heroes tells The RIOT about their upcoming Smoke EP, Indie GoGo campaign and his wishes for conspiracy theories to be true. [...]

RadioU Buzztracks

Buzztrack: Scientist – “Deep Down”
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On August 19th, Scientist will be releasing their World EP again, but this time it will come with a little twist. The World EP: Mobile Lab Remix features six new remixes from the likes of Soul [...]