Tuesday May 22nd

Christmas Channel

RadioU's Christmas Channel

RadioU’s Christmas Channel

You know what’s wrong with summer?

Heat is *a* right answer but *the* right answer is: SUMMER CONTAINS NO CHRISTMAS.

Since RadioU has already solved all of the world’s other problems, we decided it was time to fix summer. The solution? RadioU’s Christmas in July! Here you’ll find the finest Christmas music available presented by two of the most Christmas-obsessed people in the multiverse.

Grab some eggnog pops and enjoy the sounds of August Burns Red, Paper Route, House of Heroes, Emery, The RIOT, and even that one song about the guy who tells the girl with the lipstick and everyone cries…. Everything you need for Christmas in July! Merry Christmas and don’t forget that you can take the channel with you on the RadioU App!

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without your favorite DJs playing your most-favoritest Christmas music!

This year we’ve instituted a no-Grinch policy which means Hudson is forced to tell us Canadian Christmas stories. Sydney makes her first appearance. Zach spins tales of his yearly Christmas cold. Josh tells us… tells us… well, we weren’t paying attention. You’ll just have to listen!

Did we mention the music? Hear your Christmas favorites from August Burns Red, For Today, Wolves at the Gate, Paper Route, House of Heroes and many more!


The RadioU Christmas Channel is also available on RadioU’s free mobile apps for Android and iPhone, and on the RadioU Roku Channel.