Thursday April 27th

The RadioU Christmas Channel

RadioU Christmas Channel

The RadioU Christmas Channel

You know what’s wrong with summer?

Heat is *a* right answer but *the* right answer is: SUMMER CONTAINS NO CHRISTMAS.

Since RadioU has already solved all of the world’s other problems, we decided it was time to fix summer. The solution? RadioU’s Christmas in July! Here you’ll find the finest Christmas music available presented by some of the … umm … well … by a group of RadioU DJs that were available when it was recorded.

August Burns Red, Children 18:3, House of Heroes, Emery, The RIOT…. Everything you need for Christmas in July! Merry Christmas and don’t forget that you can take the channel with you on the RadioU App!

Another year of holiday cheer with your favorite bands and RadioU DJs!

Who’s the biggest Grinch at RadioU? Hey, didn’t we ask that question last year? (Hint: the answer hasn’t changed!)

Who destroyed their sister’s Christmas present and is still trying to make up for it? Which RadioU staff member is the most likely to care about Christmas only when scarves are concerned?

The RIOT asks these hard hitting questions and gets the answers from Josh, Zach, Hudson, Lance, and Sydney!

Oh… did we mention the music? Hear your Christmas favorites from August Burns Red, For Today, Wolves at the Gate, Paper Route, House of Heroes and many more!

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The RadioU Christmas Channel is also available on RadioU’s free mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad, on the RadioU Roku Channel, and on virtually every device thanks to TuneIn.