Thursday April 27th

The Impact

The Impact

RadioU believes music should say something.

And that the music we play can actually change peoples’ lives for the better. The people below prove we’re right about all that. Read them all, post your own story to our Facebook page, and donate to reach our next listener!

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I was in prison for drugs last year. When I couldn’t get my usual rock station, I was going through the stations and heard “Black Honey” by Thrice on your station. Every song that came on that night was music to my ears. I am out of prison now and no longer use the substance I had overdosed on. I changed my people, my places, my things, and I changed the radio station I listened to when I was getting high. I’ve been clean over a year now, and since RadioU, I’ve never considered going back to the old station I used to listen to. RadioU has been a major weapon in my personal battle against drug abuse and my own personal demons. I tell everyone I know about RadioU and the positive influence the music has had on me.

— Jason listens to RadioU 101.9 in Chillicothe, OH

RadioU truly is amazing and you guys have helped me back down from an attempt to commit suicide. RadioU really does play the right songs at the right time.

— Daniel listens to RadioU 88.7 in Delaware, Ohio

At one of the hardest times in my life listening to RadioU gave me the words I needed to hear so badly. You guys do amazing work.

— Zac listens through RadioU’s mobile app in Columbia City, Indiana

A song by For Today helped me redevelop my faith and step away from drug addiction. I’m now four years sober.

— Austin listens to RadioU 90.5 in Choctaw, Oklahoma

Thank you to RadioU for making my hard days easier to get through. The music inspires me to not give up. RadioU is about changing the world through music and I want to be a part of that.

— Samantha listens to RadioU 88.7 in Pickerington, Ohio

I love that the music RadioU plays deals with things we tend to ignore, even though we all experience them. Some days can get really, really hard. Whenever I tune to RadioU, things don’t seem so bleak. I’m not alone in my struggles, and there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. Thanks for doing what you do.

— Faith listens to RadioU 101.7 in Midland, Michigan

RadioU is awesome. I was going through a dark time. Then I started listening to RadioU and that’s part of why I came back to God.

— Haley listens to RadioU 102.5 in Fairborn, Ohio

RadioU saved my life! I was depressed and using drugs but I started listening to you guys. You introduced me to really good, meaningful music. I got cleaned up and have been sober for four years now. Thank you!

— Michelle listens to RadioU 88.7 in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

I am so thankful my best friend showed me RadioU. Some of your music literally saved my life in the midst of suicide. You guys have amazing music that never gets old. Thank you!

— M. listens to RadioU 101.9 in Grover Beach, California

I need RadioU. Many times I stray in life, and RadioU often helps bring me back in. It keeps me going. Thank you!

— Jared listens to RadioU 88.7 in Westerville, Ohio

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This world is full of so many reminders of what we can’t do and who we can’t be. This station has helped me to keep pushing back and fighting on so many occasions when I thought I had nothing more to give.

— Rick listens to RadioU 88.7 in Galloway, Ohio

God brought RadioU into my life so I can have a relationship with Him, and I know He’s going to do the same for other people! Your music and your message are so awesome!

— Kimberly listens to RadioU 91.5 FM in Santa Maria, California

I love how RadioU provides the tools needed, and God uses them to reach the exact person at the perfect time with the perfect song they need right then. I can’t count how many times this has happened to me.

— Jen listens to RadioU 88.7 in Sunbury, Ohio

I’ve been going through so much stuff recently and then I found you guys. I love you so much! Thank you for ALL you do for people like me.

— Angie listens to RadioU 105.5 in Granville, Ohio

RadioU is such a big part of my life. I turn to it whenever I’m feeling down and lost, and your messages about God get me through the bulk of my days.

— D. listens to RadioU 101.7 in Midland, Michigan

I suffer from depression and RadioU guides me when I’m in need. Finding hope from your station, I am not as affected by the depression.

— Nathan listens to RadioU 88.7 FM in Columbus, Ohio

The music you guys played helped me get through my high school years, including my mothers’ attempted suicide. I made it through with your help. I went to college for a year, pushed everyone out of my life including (sadly) RadioU, and then went into a deep depression. I’ve recently started listening again — and I’m happier and dealing with my depression much easier. Thank you guys so much for all that you do. I wouldn’t have nearly as much in my life without RadioU.

— Kathryn listens via RadioU’s mobile app in Orlando, Florida

I’ve been going through a lot of hard stuff. I’m really glad to have RadioU to help me through these storms.

— Angelique listens to RadioU 105.5 FM in Newark, Ohio

RadioU has helped me come back to the Lord.

— Brenden listens to RadioU 101.7 FM in Midland, Michigan

Keep up this amazing work… You are Jesus to some of the most vulnerable who really need Him.”

— Jerry listens to RadioU 102.5 FM in Fairborn, Ohio

During my addiction I listened to RadioU. Your messages planted a seed and now I have a relationship with Christ and am 18 months clean.

— Miguel listens through our mobile app in Ohio

Thanks to RadioU, I know that God has a reason for my being here. Thank you for the positive music and amazing messages that help me through every day.

— Mitch listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

This station has helped me in the worst of times. I have been in some of the darkest times in my life, but then I turn on RadioU and feel I can turn my life around.

— Thomas listens to RadioU 92.5 in Mansfield, Ohio

RadioU has really impacted me. I’ve been through two deaths in my family recently, and RadioU’s music helps keep me together.

— Robert listens to RadioU. 88.7 in Gahanna, Ohio

RadioU has helped me through a lot of dark times. You can hear God through this station.

— Tyler listens to RadioU 101.7 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

I listen to your station all the time! Thank you for being there when I just feel like crap and need to be lifted up. Absolutely LOVE RadioU!

— Jeremy listens to RadioU 91.5 in Lake Stevens, Washington

This is exactly what I needed. Music that actually speaks to me.

— Tory listens to RadioU 90.5 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

RadioU helps me get through my everyday trials, addictions, and struggles.

— Troy listens via RadioU’s mobile app in Melbourne, Florida

God always comes through by a song I hear on RadioU. It can be hard, but you’re reaching people — I was reached!

— Ethan listens via RadioU’s mobile app in Florida

Best radio station by far! I love the vast genres of music played, the online listening options, The RIOT, and the frequent presentation of the Gospel. No commercials is a perk, too!

— Emma listens to RadioU 102.5 in Dayton, Ohio

RadioU has kept me strong in my faith when I haven’t been tethered to God like I should be.

— Brianna listens via RadioU’s mobile app in Delaware

You guys do an amazing job of reaching people for Christ that no one else is reaching.

— Kyle listens to RadioU 90.5 in Edmond, Oklahoma

Not long ago, both my parents were killed and my world has been turned upside down. One day, I cried out to God in my drive to work. Matty Mullins’ song ‘My Dear’ came on and I’m 100% convinced God was speaking to me through that song. Every word was exactly what I needed to hear. THANK YOU for playing this music and sharing these vital messages. You make my life better.

— Rachel listens to RadioU 88.7 in Delaware, Ohio

The fact that RadioU lifts my soul and gets me through tough times makes it more than just music — it’s my therapy. It really struck a chord for me and it’s electrifying to hear music I truly relate with.

— Alex listens to RadioU 102.1 in Fredericktown, Ohio

You are really my life line. I was very suicidal a while ago, but then I started listening to RadioU. I did what Obadiah was telling everyone to do — to start a relationship with God. I tried it, and it has made things a whole lot better.

— Joey listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

RadioU helped keep me going. If it wasn’t for your message that God is there, I don’t know where I’d be now.

— James listens via RadioU’s mobile app

Music has the power to influence our minds and our hearts in one direction or another. I can honestly say that the songs and the messages on RadioU had a life changing impact on me. I’m very glad for RadioU!

— Patience listens to RadioU 88.7 in Pickerington, Ohio

I’m in the USAF and my first station was Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. I came across RadioU there and have been hooked ever since. During the last four years, you’ve not only provided me with excellent music, but you helped me through the death of my college girlfriend. I’m now stationed in North Dakota and still listen on a daily basis. Your message and music truly make a difference.

— Carl listens via RadioU’s mobile app in Grand Forks, North Dakota

I cannot describe what RadioU has done for me in my life. Whenever I’ve been depressed or caught up in something, RadioU has been there. I can simply turn on the radio — thanks for being different.

— Cody listens to RadioU 88.7 in Marysville, Ohio

RadioU saved me! This last year was the toughest of my life, and if not for RadioU I would still be addicted to drugs and alcohol. Thank you!

— Eric listens to RadioU 91.5 in Lompoc, California

Hey I just wanted to say that your station has saved my faith in God. Obadiah said that God loves me unconditionally and it was the exact thing I needed to hear. Thank you.

— Steven listens via RadioU’s mobile app

RadioU plays all the songs I love and shared things about God when I need it most. This radio station has helped me a lot. I absolutely love RadioU.

— Madeleine listens to RadioU 100.5 in Circleville, Ohio

RadioU has helped keep me going through a really rough time. If it wasn’t for the positive message that God was there, I don’t know where I’d be now.

— James listens via RadioU’s mobile app in Fostoria, Ohio

At the lowest point of my life I found RadioU and the message of God completely changed me.

— Maegan listens to RadioU 88.7 FM in West Mansfield, Ohio

I have been struggling with addiction for a few years and it’s been weighing on me. I got in my car this morning to go to work and turn you guys on and I immediately burst into tears realizing that God was reaching out to me in my darkest hour through you! I decided this morning to finally detox. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used.

— Kristin listens to RadioU

RadioU allows me to cope with the terrible things that go on in my life. This radio station makes me feel safe and I am so thankful that you guys are here. Thank you.

— A. listens to RadioU 88.7 in Galloway, Ohio

RadioU is exactly what I need in my life. The right song at the right moment. I use this app daily in the car, at the gym, everywhere! Thanks for everything you do.

— Cindy listens via RadioU’s mobile app in St. Joseph, Illinois

I’ve listened everywhere: Georgia, Iraq, South Korea, and California. RadioU’s gotten me through some crazy times.

— David listens via RadioU’s mobile app in Seaside, California

Anytime something’s going wrong, you guys always play exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it. Thanks!

— Paul listens to RadioU 100.5 in Circleville, Ohio

RadioU’s music is one of my strongest connections to God. I probably wouldn’t still be a Christian without the bands I’ve found through you.

— Sarah listens to RadioU online in Millstadt, Illinois

I was struggling to find music with meaning until I found you guys. Now RadioU is all I listen to. I love RadioU so much!

— Amanda listens to RadioU 88.7 in Marysville, Ohio

I just wanted to say thank you. My husband is a huge fan, and you keep his morale up! He listens to RadioU’s podcasts from Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti.

— Meghan listens to RadioU 91.5 in Santa Maria, California

I’ve been feeling really down and crappy about things not progressing the way I’d hoped. Then, the first song I hear is For Those Who Wait by Fireflight. The timing! I needed to hear it. Thank you for cheering me up!

— Alex listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

I’ve been listening to RadioU for over four years now and I still love it to this day. RadioU introduced me to the true love of God through music! I am so thankful to have been introduced to RadioU!

— Monze listens to RadioU 91.5 in Santa Maria, California

I love RadioU so much… I have gone through an awful break up and just listening to Obi and Nikki has helped me out a ton. Can’t thank you guys enough.

— Seth listens to RadioU 102.5 in Dayton, Ohio

RadioU has helped me find my faith again!

— Abby listens to RadioU 90.5 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I just want to say thank you for keeping me alive, because without you guys I don’t know where I’d be. Thank you so much. You guys are the best radio station ever!!

— Sierra listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

I recently started listening via the RadioU app and it has really helped me. I was in a funk for a long time because things have been really difficult for the last year or so, but listening to RadioU has really helped me break out of that and improved my outlook. I love this station and what you guys are doing.

— Timothy listens via RadioU’s mobile app in Eastpoine, Michigan

I didn’t think God wanted me because I used to do drugs and drink horribly bad. RadioU helped me realize that I am the person He wants. I avoided Him for many, many years but found out that He was waiting for me all along with open arms. Thank you, RadioU.

— William listens to RadioU 102.1 in Mount Vernon, Ohio

Dude. RadioU is like my life now! I started listening a few months ago and I’m in love. These past few weeks have been rough and listening to the advice you give really helps. Thank you RadioU!

— Alex listens to RadioU 101.9 in Pismo Beach, California

RadioU has been a huge part of my life. Saved me from a lot of things, and kept me going when I thought I couldn’t. RadioU isn’t just a radio station to me… it’s much, much more.

— Samantha listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

I love RadioU. Not only does it play more hardcore songs than the other station I used to listen to, but the music you play saved my life. Whenever I hear these songs on the radio, it fills me up inside with hope and strength. I’m not really religious. I don’t call myself a Christian because I just don’t think I’m quite there yet. But my friend gave me a Bible recently with my name on the cover and I was unbelievably touched. Just wanted to say thank you to show everyone who works there how appreciative I am.

— Maran listens to RadioU 91.5 in Orcutt, California

I listen to RadioU all the time. To be honest, when my parents argue and stuff, I feel like I can just listen to RadioU and all my tears can just disappear. I love how when I can’t sleep RadioU is playing and I can listen. Sometimes, I just need somebody to know how I’m feeling. Thanks by the way.

— Hannah listens to RadioU 101.7 in Bay City, Michigan

RadioU has helped me throughout the years. The words calling me to know Jesus, and the music keeping me going — if it weren’t for RadioU, I’d have given up hope.

— Dawanna listens to RadioU near Seattle, Washington

Whenever I drive I have RadioU on, and recently my friend has picked up enough interest in RadioU that she’s begun to listen herself. She’s beginning to hear the message and how positive it is, and that there are non-hateful people out there who can give her a reason to believe in God. She’s only ever seen a hateful side of things, but listening to RadioU has really piqued her interest. She’s starting to want to know more. And the more I listen to RadioU, the more I want to strengthen my relationship with God as well. Thank you guys so much!

— Charles listens to RadioU 103.3 in Zanesville, Ohio

I wanted to thank all of RadioU. I lost my mother in August and after her death I was angry with God and just seemed to lose faith. I came across this station with your messages and music, and I finally have regained my faith. So I thank all of you at RadioU for all that you do and my renewed faith in God.

— Aaron listens to RadioU 101.7 in Bay City, Michigan

I spent a summer abroad in the USA. The family I stayed with listened to RadioU and ever since I have been hooked! I’ve now been listening for over a year, and I wanted to say thank you for helping me get into a relationship with God. A big thanks to all the listeners who help keep RadioU online for people like me.

— Katie listens to RadioU online in London, England

I wanted to thank you guys. You’ve been with me through this year, and it was a rough one. But you helped me build a relationship with God, and introduced me to a bunch of awesome new bands.

— Kenesa listens to RadioU online in Owensville, Missouri

During the hardest time of my life almost two years ago, I almost committed suicide. RadioU helped me get through it.

— Laura listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

Sometimes listening to RadioU calms me down and brings me back from my agitation with humanity and all the other stupid crap I’ve been going through. Thanks guys.

— Kyle listens to RadioU 88.7 in Delaware, Ohio

I love you guys so much. I wouldn’t be where I am without you. God has used RadioU to help me so much.

— Stephen listens to RadioU 90.5 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

God has been dropping hints to me for years that with Him, it’s all about a relationship. I really hear that from RadioU, and I feel His love for me in a real way now. So THANK YOU.

— Kristen listens to RadioU 101.7 in Midland, Michigan

RadioU saved my life. I went through a rough time and started listening more often, and have turned my life toward Christ.

— Shaun listens to RadioU 88.7 in Plain City, Ohio

Your message to have God as a friend and part of my life has made the most sense to me. I grew up in church every Sunday but I didn’t get it. Learning from RadioU 100.5 has honestly shaped my life. Now I want to spread the word of God so that others can get that light bulb turned on too!

— Matthew listens to RadioU 100.5 in Circleville, Ohio

RadioU TV played a huge role in changing my life and I want to do the same for other people. You planted the seed and God is allowing it to grow.

— Patrick watches RadioU TV in Martinsville, Virginia

I found God because of RadioU. I asked Him to come into my heart one day and it really happened!

— Michael listens to RadioU 107.7 in San Luis Obispo, California

I was saved through RadioU a year ago, and now I have a relationship with God. I believe God has been calling me to give back so someone else may be saved. I love RadioU!

— Jonathan listens to RadioU online in Midland, Texas

I love supporting a radio station that can share Jesus with more people in a day than I ever could in a lifetime.

— Kyle listens to RadioU 88.7 in Lewis Center, Ohio

RadioU saved my life. I’ve been listening for two years and you guys helped me find God.

— Caleb listens to RadioU 102.5 in Fairborn, Ohio

I was an atheist — I believed in nothing. After five attempts at my life, I finally decided it was going to end. I was tired of feeling alone, like nothing was there. After I found your station, I actually listened to what was being said. Since then, my outlook on life has become amazing. I can only thank the others who donated to RadioU before I knew about it. Without their support I would not be here. I am thankful for your radio station for saving my life.

— Ashley listens to RadioU 90.5 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Today I’m celebrating one year since I kicked cutting and all forms of self-injury. I handed it over to God. RadioU has been really encouraging along the journey. Thanks for being a radio station that doesn’t make people like me invisible, but acknowledges and loves us. It truly makes a difference.

— Emily listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

Without Obadiah and Nikki, I’d still probably be atheist. I started listening to RadioU because it played music that sounded good and had no commercials. Then I actually began to listen to what you were saying and I accepted Christ.

— Austin listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

RadioU is what I listen to now. It helps me keep my focus on God, and it helps me reach out to friends that want nothing to do with God. They actually love your station, and despite what they say I know God is using it to reach them.

— Michelle listens to RadioU 98.7 in Springfield, Ohio

I absolutely cannot live without RadioU. My relationship with God has improved so much since I started listening to RadioU. It reminds me that this is all about something much bigger than me.

— Erika listens to RadioU 107.7 in San Luis Obispo, California

I had doubts about God for a while, and have been faced with some dark times that only God could pull me out of. If it wasn’t for RadioU I wouldn’t have reached out to Him. The DJs don’t make you feel bad or pressure you or judge. They simply let you know there is somebody out there that will listen and help you.

— Dan listens to RadioU 88.7 in Whitehall, Ohio

This station has really changed my life and helped put it back on track. And now I’m closer to God.

— Mariah listens to RadioU 91.5 in Lompoc, California

On some occasions RadioU is the only thing that helps me feel that God is not a pointless endeavor. It’s rare to find people who do not make faith seem ‘cheesy’ or superficial, so I find RadioU’s combination of sincerity and humor refreshing.

— Eddy listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

Before I found out about you guys I was lost, cutting myself, and talking about suicide. I thought no one understood what I was going through, but RadioU helped teach me that Jesus is there no matter what. I asked Jesus to come into my life.

— Casey listens to RadioU 98.7 in Springfield, Ohio

RadioU has literally changed my life. It has given me more than I thought just a simple radio station could give someone: it’s given me hope!

— Steven listens to RadioU 90.5 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Every day I live, I love RadioU even more. I can’t believe I can hear you guys without pesky commercials. You have opened my eyes to God and have taught me how to live a better life. Thank you!

— Kaylob listens to RadioU 103.3 in Crooksville, Ohio