As We Ascend, Disciple on 2018 City Rockfest Tour

As We Ascend, Disciple on 2018 City Rockfest Tour

Plus Wavorly’s new video, Fit For A King’s tour van, and Sho Baraka’s March…

2018 is only four months away and now we have something to look forward to in the new year. As We Ascend and Disciple have both announced that they’ll be a part of the next City Rockfest Tour. Keep your eyes out for more details as we get closer to 2018.

Wavorly just debuted a new music video for their song “Strangers In Love” from their latest release Movement One. You can check it out and grab their new EP through

Wavorly – Strangers in Love (Official Video)

Wavorly -"Strangers in Love" from the new album Movement One.Directed by: Jordee Arvin Pictures

Posted by Wavorly on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Of all the members of Fit For A King, the most important one may be their van. They recently posted a tour diary from their time on Warped Tour all about the Chevy Express that has been with them since the beginning and you can link up to the diary here:

RadioU Fusion artist Sho Baraka just premiered a brand new track called “March” to promote his performance at the upcoming Frequency Conference in Philadelphia.

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