Thursday April 19th
Demon Hunter hints at new album

Demon Hunter hints at new album

Plus, August Burns Red plans special two-day show in Chicago, House of Heroes hit the road and the studio, The Procussions announce new video release and more.

Demon Hunter has been steadily tweeting one word tweets along with Instagrams containing the roman numerals for 7 and 2014. My spidey sense is telling me that they’re probably going to release their 7th studio album next year.

August Burns Red have announced a two-day show at the House of Blues in Chicago on November 22nd and 23rd. It will include the concert, a screening of the band’s new tour documentary, and a catered Q&A with the band.

House of Heroes will be playing some live shows in Texas and recording some new songs this month, if their drummer Colin Rigsby is to be believed.

Fusion’s The Procussions will be premiering their new video for “On A Mountain” next Wednesday, September 11th.

Andy Hunter has another pair of live streams lined up for his upcoming Presence project. Both shows happen next Tuesday on Stageit.

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