Flyleaf Launches PledgeMusic Campaign

Flyleaf Launches PledgeMusic Campaign

Plus, Heath McNease releases new EP, Norma Jean had a run in with some thieves and The Vocal Few are planning another StageIt show.

Flyleaf has launched a PledgeMusic Campaign to fund their new full length album. If you pledge before December 31st, they’ll send you their new Christmas song, “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.”

Heath McNease has released his latest project, American Snake Oil Salesmen Visit The Great White North. Buyers can name their price on bandcamp, and the project features Free Daps.

Norma Jean made a bummer of an announcement earlier this week. They got robbed. Thieves made off with three backpacks full of personal items, laptops, iPods, and cash. They’ve already had the missing items donated back to them, and they said they don’t need any additional donations, but if you wanted to buy some of their merch I’m sure they wouldn’t stop you.

Matt MacDonald‘s side project band The Vocal Few will be doing another online stream on StageIt on December 19th. This time, they may feature some Christmas tunes.

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