Hidden Hospitals says “pay what you want”

Hidden Hospitals says “pay what you want”

Plus our big list of band Christmas sweaters, Copperlily dates, and Norma Jean’s tree ornament…

Hidden Hospitals is using their Noisetrade page to give the opportunity to download their whole catalog of music on a pay-what-you want basis. So if you want it all for free, you can do that. Also, if you check out their Facebook page, you can get a previously unreleased B-side from their album Surface Tension.

Tim Skipper from House of Heroes has announced a few tour dates with his side project Copperlily. The tour kicks off December 11th and they’re still looking to add a few more dates so keep your eyes on their Facebook for more updates.

Plenty of RadioU bands unveiled their annual Christmas sweaters over the weekend, including Project 86, RED, The Ongoing Concept and tons more. Check out our big list of band Christmas sweater options:

Norma Jean doesn’t have a Christmas sweater for sale, but they do have limited edition O God The Aftermath tree ornaments available. You can check them out now on the band’s merch store.

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