Mike Mains and the Branches host final Music Monday

Mike Mains and the Branches host final Music Monday

Plus, New music from Rootbeer in the works, The Fray posts studio updates and Inhale Exhale releases final show details.

Last night was the final Music Monday hosted by Mike Mains and the Branches. They gave us a first look at the new album Calm Down Everything Is Fine by performing some brand new songs from the record.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Fusion’s dynamic duo Rootbeer, but Flynn Adam tweeted yesterday that he and Pigeon John are back at it and working on some new music.

The Fray are hard at work on their fourth full length album and have been posting tons updates from the studio. Many of those updates include some of the new sounds that will appear on the album.

Inhale Exhale have announced the details for their final show. They’ll be playing their last gig at The Auricle in Canton, Ohio on October 19th and you can find details on Facebook.

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