Wednesday March 21st
RED goes behind the scenes of “Darkest Part”

RED goes behind the scenes of “Darkest Part”

Plus Andy Mineo’s “Layup,” Mike Mains on tour, Jon Foreman’s solo songs — new and old, and Copeland makes you feel young again…

RED has put out a behind-the-scenes video for “Darkest Part.” In it, you will realize that the awesome music video is really just the band mouthing the words to the song while sitting in a field.

Andy Mineo released a new single titled “Layup.” It’s available now search for it at

Andy Mineo Layup

Mike Mains & The Branches has just begun the The Everglow Tour. They’ll be playing across the nation until mid-July.

Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman release is coming out next week. With the buildup of its debut, Jon has released the album Old Seasons, New Day, which is a collection of previously released solo songs, plus one new song that is free.

Copeland has released a music video for “I Can Make You Feel Young Again,” from their album Ixora. The band is currently on tour until the end of the month.

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