Monday May 29th
Skillet continues “Monster” with “Back From The Dead”

Skillet continues “Monster” with “Back From The Dead”

Plus KRUM breaks down on Instagram, Fireflight offers free acoustic download, and Before Their Eyes teases something…

Skillet just debuted a brand new music video for their song “Back From The Dead” that continues the story from their video for the song “Monster.” You can check out the zombie punching action and a quick interview with John Cooper here.

KRUM recently took to Instagram to do an in-depth breakdown of the songs on his latest album Blue Eyed Devil. You can follow him @krumofficial to check it out.

7. Oddball I wanted to dig into my Texas roots and hit the blues with a deep, lazy groove. I know I'm weird, but what can I do? I didn't choose to be different, the Creator saw fit to make me this way. So I'm learning the strength in embracing it. Over the years I've come to realize that the people who gravitate towards my music usually do so because they can relate to it. The music is quality and that's awesome, but there's something deeper that makes you appreciate it. You're a weirdo, too. Nothing speaks to that more than a song I wrote called "The Difference". That song has meant so much to me and my fans through the years that I was super stoked to bring back the concept for a brand new song. It's a different vibe but the message is the same. They laugh at me cuz I'm different, I laugh at them cuz they're not. Produced by Harry Krum. 🔵👀😈 FREE DL link in bio

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If you want some free music from Fireflight, now is the time to get it. They’ve made an acoustic version of their song “Safety” available as a free download, but only until this weekend. You can find the link to grab yours before it’s gone here:

Before Their Eyes have made a few cryptic posts on their social media recently teasing some big news coming soon, possibly related to the tenth anniversary of their debut album. We’ll keep you updated as we get more details.

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