Trip Lee, KB join for Hometeam Tour

Trip Lee, KB join for Hometeam Tour

Plus Beacon Light answers angry YouTube commenters, Capital Kings “Don’t Wanna Wake Up,” and Emery gets Labeled

Trip Lee and KB have announced that they’ll be joining forces for the Hometeam Tour coming up this fall. Dates and details haven’t been revealed yet but we’ll let you know as soon as they are.

Beacon Light just premiered the music video for his newest single “I’m In It” which is his response to angry YouTube commenters.

We also just got a new music video and song from Capital Kings. They debuted their track “Don’t Wanna Wake Up” over the weekend and you can find it on their YouTube channel.

Emery is the focus of the latest episode of the Tooth & Nail: Labeled podcast. You can hear their story of how they rose to success through the Insider page at

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