Underoath’s “Young And Aspiring” live drum playthrough video

Underoath’s “Young And Aspiring” live drum playthrough video

Plus Remedy Drive’s special performance, Thrice talks about returning from hiatus, and Righteous Vendetta heading out next month…

Underoath wrapped up their Rebirth Tour back in April but if you missed it or you want to relive some of the magic, now you can. They just posted a live drum playthrough video for their song “Young And Aspiring” from their show in Atlanta and you can check it out at

Remedy Drive recently did a special performance of their songs “Under The Starlight,” “Commodity,” and “Dear Life” for Last Wave Music Group in Nashville and the videos are up now for you to enjoy. You can find them on the Last Wave Music Group YouTube channel.

Thrice just did an interview with Billboard where they talked about returning from hiatus, their new album and current tour. You can link up to the interview here.

RadioU Battery band Righteous Vendetta announced that they’re going to be heading out on tour coming up next month. They’ll be playing shows across much of the western U.S. and you can find full details on their Facebook page.

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