Tuesday July 25th


RadioU Recruits

The RadioU Street team is looking for some new RECRUITS. Join us!

Yep, we need people just like you to help out at concerts, hand out stickers, and maybe even be on-air!

If being part of RadioU has always been a dream of yours — right alongside walking on the moon and eating an entire box of Twinkies in under two minutes — this is your chance. In fact, almost everyone who currently works at RadioU started as a volunteer. That should give you a sense of hope… but don’t hope too much. We don’t even know you yet.

Let’s fix that.

Help us get to know you by filling out the form on this page. And if you can, grab your phone and shoot some video of yourself. Don’t try too hard. Just be yourself. Tell us who you are, what you’re into, and why you love RadioU! Post it to YouTube and include the link on the form. No video? That’s okay, too.

Remember… if Obadiah can do it, anyone can do it… and that includes YOU.