Beartooth & The Orphan, The Poet drop this weekend

Beartooth & The Orphan, The Poet drop this weekend

Plus Owl City’s Adam Young continues historical scores series, DJ Official remixes Andy Mineo, and Silence The Ocean unveils video…

This weekend is all about new music with Beartooth releasing their album Aggressive and The Orphan, The Poet dropping their Terrible Things EP. You can get your new music fix by stopping by shop.radiou.com.

Adam Young of Owl City is continuing his project of making scores for historical events every month. His June release is centered around the storming of Omaha Beach and you can check it out at ayoungscores.com.

If you need some inspiration for Andy Mineo’s remix contest, DJ Official might be able to help you out. He’s not entering the contest but he did just post his new remix of Andy Mineo’s song “Lov3” on his SoundCloud page and you can hear it and find details on the contest here.

RadioU Battery artist Silence The Ocean has finally unveiled the music video for their song “Departures” from their upcoming EP. You can find it on their YouTube channel.

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