CADETS release another new song

CADETS release another new song

Plus, Demon Hunter talks with Blabbermouth and Project 86 hits fundraising goal, adds more perks.

Not sure how we missed this one but CADETS put out another new song a few days ago. Check out their latest track “Island” and stay updated on future releases through their Facebook page. If they keep following their full moon schedule, the next song will release on April 15th.

The new Demon Hunter album released earlier this week, and frontman Ryan Clark gives some insight into four different tracks via Blabbermouth. The site has also posted all three lyric videos that have been released so far from Extremist.

Project 86 hit their fundraising goal for their new album last week, so they added a new goal to fund a music video and yes, they hit that goal too. There is still a few days left in their IndieGoGo campaign for people to get in, and lead singer Andrew Schwab has teased even MORE announcements on the way.

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