Citizens will release their new album twice

Citizens will release their new album twice

Citizens just made the surprise announcement that they will be releasing a new record titled The Joy Of Being twice over the course of the next few months. The first version of the album was recorded entirely with iPhones and is currently being featured exclusively through We Are Worship. You can find out more on the band’s Facebook page. 

SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT: We have a new record, BUT!!! it’s a little different from anything you’ve heard from us. Over the next few months we will be releasing the same record twice, each one with a different approach. The first, is being featured now over @weareworship⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Let’s talk about that one for a second because it’s wild. A while back we started thinking about making a record of songs that the church could sing but we didn’t want to do it in the same way we had before. We wanted to make something that disrupted the norms of modern church music, specifically all the fanfare we (talking to ourselves here too) have put around production. So Brian and I went to our church, set up some iPhones, filmed and recorded us playing these songs acoustic and piano and called it a day on the production. All that for one big reason, we wanted to give you a coloring book to be filled in by YOU. Rather then make all the creative decisions for how these songs would exist in your church, we wanted to make a record that left room for you to imagine and create a sound that best represents you and the people you lead. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣At the end of the day, the lyric is what drives church songs, not the music. That doesn’t mean we’re saying music is bad though. It’s beautiful, inspiring and one of the essential gifts we have for processing through the emotions of our faith. But Citizens is just one sound, one flavor and it won’t be for everybody, so we wanted to give you a collection of songs with lyric, melody and basic instrumentation intact that anybody could connect with. It’s your job to take them and create around them, to make them your own, to translate them musically into your own creative language for you and the people you lead in singing. ⁣⁣⁣This is where the fun begins. Share your musical contributions to these songs with the world. Remix them with your own voice, get a band together, maybe it’s just you on an instrument, in the end it’s not for us to tell you what to do. Our job is to faithfully write the best possible songs we can for the church. This record is for you. Not just the worship leader or even the Christian. It’s for the world to hear, to believe, to worship

Posted by Citizens on Thursday, April 2, 2020

The new project follows up their Waking Up To Never Die EP that came out in October of last year. It came as the band’s second release of 2019 and you can grab it along with the rest of the band’s catalog below.

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