Family Force 5’s longest-tour-name-EVER

Family Force 5’s longest-tour-name-EVER

Plus Aaron Cole surprises with “Facts,” Matty Mullins’ second single, and August Burns Red posts studio updates…

Family Force 5 has decided to reward your patience in waiting for their new album. They just announced The Label-Won’t Let-Us-Put-Out-The-Album-Yet, Let’s-Play-The-Whole-Thing-Live-For-You-Before-It’s-Out Tour. The name literally says it all and you can find out when it’s coming near you on their Facebook page.

Aaron Cole surprised us by releasing a brand new single over the weekend. You can get your hands on his latest track “Facts” here:

Matty Mullins also made some new music available recently. “The Great Unknown” is the second single from his upcoming album Unstoppable and you can download it instantly when you pre-order the album:

August Burns Red is hard at work on their new album and they’ve recently posted several video updates from the studio. You can keep up to date with their progress by linking up to their Facebook page.

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