Heath McNease releases Losing Daylight EP

Heath McNease releases Losing Daylight EP

Out now is the new Losing Daylight EP by Heath McNease. He recently stopped by the RadioU studios with Playdough, here’s what he had to say about it:

Obi: Let’s talk to Heath about this new EP. How do you record an EP in 15 hours?

 Heath: Well, most people have, you know, families, part time jobs, self esteem, whatever. This is like my full time job. I’m always writing and always recording just because it’s my job. If I’m not then I’m gong to go hungry so once again that’s heath.mcnease@gmail.com…[laughs] The dude in the studio, I just know him really well so you have a good shorthand. What we did is we put, like, a shot-clock on it. We said, ‘We’ve got two hours for each song”.

Nikki: Does that include writing too?

Heath: Well, I’m already written up so we just go in and we slam it. And then after half of the songs are done we record vocals for an hour.

Playdough: I’m in the studio a lot of times with this dude and he just writes really fast, he’s a super quick writer. But when he goes into the studio, he’s not one of those dudes that is trying to figure it out when he’s there; like, he goes in with a really specific idea. And then he just executes it.

Obi: Heath, what’s this new EP? Because you kind of bounce back and forth where it’s more acoustic type stuff, where it’s hip hop type of stuff. What’s this new EP?

Heath: This one’s all singer/songwriter stuff, for sure; but the thing is, I know I have a ton of rap fans so I never wait too long. I’m actually going to be putting out a mixtape real soon. The thing that’s important about this EP is that I’m not giving it away for free, I’m selling it.

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