JADY Grows in Musical Maturity on “NAPALM” – Album review

JADY Grows in Musical Maturity on “NAPALM” – Album review

A common challenge for bands is replicating their success and sound in an industry that’s in constant demand for a quality product, but that’s never been the case for JADY. This alternative pop duo from Columbus, Ohio just released their second album titled NAPALM with Ashton Bergdorf on the drums and Jarrett Doherty leading the way on vocals.

Skinwalker” is a prime example of their growth in storytelling by displaying a transparent undertone of wrestling with the idea of pleasing others and remaining true to the image of who you are inside. “If there’s a time to try, to be myself, let it be tonight” is a line that will resonate with listeners as they seek to become more authentic with themselves.

As the band enters a new season, they have managed to balance change and bring with them a few aspects that make JADY unique and familiar to their growing fanbase. Their ambient reverb and the flow from one song into the next are almost staples in their music and carry so well when capturing the attention of a listener for the first time.

With the help of filmmaker Connor Dean Harrington and various others, they put out a miniature 8-bit interactive game and an album trailer to help promote the release of their project. It was refreshing to see a band put time into creative elements that help support the narrative of their album.

Overall, the storytelling, production, mixing, mastering and marketing of NAPALM is what you would expect from a band looking to put out their fifth or sixth full-length album, not their second. JADY is showing that they are far ahead and utilizing their talents to the best of their ability.

Watch their official music video for “Ghostman” on YouTube.

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