Lecrae premieres new song

Lecrae premieres new song

Plus, MXPX might be making a comeback, Close Your Eyes releases new music video, Andy Mineo tweets backstage photos and more.

Lecrae’s new album Anomaly drops in August and you can’t check out the brand new song “Nuthin” below.

Here’s a name you may not have heard recently: MxPx. Guess what? They’re still around and they recently hinted at some new music via social media.

Close Your Eyes have premiered their new music video for “Line in the Sand” via AP and Vevo.

Andy Mineo turned some heads when he freestyled on national TV earlier this year, and he tweeted some backstage photos teasing another round coming soon.

The Fold’s new song “Full Digital” has cracked the top 50 songs on iTunes. If you want to see it climb even higher, you could snag it from the shop page.

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  1. Daniel July 12, 2014 at 4:00 PM

    I am so exited that Lecrae is doing another new album. I recently got church clothes by Lecrae from my brother. So I am so exited that I get to possibly here another new album by Lecrae.

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