Mike Mains talks tour news, new album

Mike Mains talks tour news, new album

Mike Mains, sans Branches, talked with us during our Spring Fundraiser and gave us an update on their summer plans.

Sam:Another band we like a lot is Relient K. I hear you guys are teaming up for some global domination soon.

Mike:Yeah, man! We are beyond excited about that. The tour had been in the works for about a month and there was a lot of suspense building up to it. We were down between, I think, just a couple of different bands that were being decided on.

Jared:That’s going to be such a freaking cool tour. So, besides that, what else do you guys have coming up? What’s spring and summer look like for Mike Mains & The Branches?

Mike:April and May has us out with Relient K. And then hopefully, sometime around early summer – the latest is fall – we’ll be able to release the new record.

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