P.O.D.’s next record = The Awakening

P.O.D.’s next record = The Awakening

Plus Lecrae on NPR, Pettidee’s a Big Boy, Derek Minor’s sleepless night, and The Ongoing Concept cut. down. a. tree. …

Now we know: Sonny of P.O.D. let it out that the the band’s next record, The Awakening, will be out August 21st. Sonny said it is a concept record with a storyline, and we should hear music from it soon.

Lecrae was just featured in a ten minute audio interview with NPR. He gets real deep on questions about his life and beliefs. Lecrae is currently on tour in Europe.

RadioU Fusion artist Pettidee has just released a new song and music video for “Big Boy.” Pettidee hasn’t put out a lot of music lately, probably because he was shooting for a new film, which is out now titled “Where Is Good?

Speaking of new music, Derek Minor posted a new single that you may listen to and download from his SoundCloud. He said the song titled, “2 AM” came to him in a sleepless night.

Proving they are men, The Ongoing Concept put out part one of their in-depth series of videos of them making their instruments by hand. In their episode they CUT. DOWN. THE. TREE. to get the wood to make their instruments from.

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