Propaganda shares a live performance

Propaganda shares a live performance

Plus a new video from Andy Mineo, a new album from Hidden Hospitals and a new song from Dreaded Dale…

Propaganda posted a video of a live performance of his song “Crooked Ways” from his Crooked Experience in California last month. He plans to release a new video every weekend and you can see them all on his YouTube channel.

We also have a new music video from Andy Mineo for his song “Family Photo” from his latest release The Arrow. You can check it out below.

Hidden Hospitals‘ new album Liars is finally here. They released it over the weekend and you can grab it now below.

RadioU Battery band Dreaded Dale just premiered their second new single “Voices.” You can hear it here now and in the Battle Of The Buzz on Thursday.

“Voices” lyric video

Posted by Dreaded Dale on Thursday, May 3, 2018

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