Propaganda tells all

Propaganda tells all

Plus Death Therapy working on new music, P.O.D. in the studio and Deathbreaker hitting the road…

Propaganda recently did a video with I Am Second where he gives some background on how he got into hip-hop and what he’s going through right now. You can see the video below.

Death Therapy posted an update on their social media that they are in the very early stages of working on their next new album. Follow them on Twitter to keep your eyes on what they’re up to.

P.O.D. is also in the studio getting started on their next record. You can see a video of them recording drums for the new stuff here.

RadioU Battery band Deathbreaker has announced that they’re hitting the road for a tour this month. It gets underway on May 9th and you can find all the dates and details on their website.

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