National Radio Day!

National Radio Day!

Right now where you’re sitting, radio is surrounding you. It’s everywhere!

Think about how amazing radio is. It walks through walls. It goes into bathrooms (how else do you hear it in the shower?), dorm rooms, prisons… you name it.

All of those people in all of those places, listening to their radios. For instant companionship. Music. DJs. Noise.

Know what that means? RadioU is needed now more than ever. Because in all those places with all those people, RadioU is doing something different. We’re bringing amazing music layered with a life-saving message. Reminding people that they’re worth something. That they’re loved. That they matter. That YOU matter.

So on #NationalRadioDay, THANK YOU for being part of RadioU’s family:

» For listening (FM, our apps, online, Alexa, Roku)
» For supporting (RadioU is 100% fueled by its listeners)
» For wearing your RadioU t-shirt today, if you have one

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