Why Give?

Why give?

Your donation now will make a powerful difference for listeners everywhere:

RadioU introduced me to my favorite band, which was there for me during my darkest days of depression and thoughts of suicide. The RIOT has given me so many laughs when I didn’t think I could, and you have always kept Jesus at the forefront even when I didn’t want Him to be. You have been there for what feels like a lifetime now. Thanks for these past six years and the many more to come!

- Jackson listens through RadioU’s mobile app in Roanoke, Virginia

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Why give?

So you’re probably already willing to donate something just because RadioU is awesome. If you’re already convinced, you can stop reading this and just have fun donating:

         G i v e   N o w !  

Still reading? Here are some things we thought you should know:

  • RadioU plays the best music on the planet. Music that says something.
  • RadioU doesn’t play any commercials. Never has.
    » We’re not even allowed to by federal law, so we never will.
  • RadioU still has real DJs who actually care about their listeners.
    » Click the “Impact” tab above for some real-life examples!
  • RadioU isn’t owned by a big company. It’s just us here. We’re even nonprofit.
  • With no commercials and no profit, RadioU runs only because people donate.

Your music + zero commercials + donations = RadioU.

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RadioU is FREE for you – but not for us

RadioU is 20 FM stations. Plus, we stream through our mobile apps and online, our Alexa skill, and RadioU TV’s Roku channel – all for free! But actually, there are real costs for us to keep making RadioU every day.

It doesn’t take a lot to do a lot!

We hired a team of mathematicians who figured out that if you sign up to donate just $25 a month, you’ll pay for a day of your local RadioU station or stream! Or, $150 onetime works the same way.

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Of course, you can give ANY amount you like!
Give the very best gift you can, and everything from everyone will equal RadioU!

The Impact

RadioU believes music should say something. And that the music we play can actually change peoples’ lives for the better. The people below prove we were right about all that.

Read them all, post your own story to our Facebook page, and donate to reach our next listener!

Alison listens to RadioU 102.5 in Fairborn, Ohio

When I listen to your music and your reminders about how simple it is to have a relationship with God, I feel so much hope. You guys are amazing. Seriously, thank you SO much for everything you do.

Rene listens to RadioU 101.9 in Chillicothe, Ohio

I remember being fifteen and listening to RadioU 24/7. When I would shut myself in my room for days trying to figure out who I was, RadioU was a big part of that. Today I’m 22, and it hit me, thinking of then compared to now. You guys have greatly impacted my life and I want you guys to continue to do the same for others.

Amanda listens to RadioU 107.7 in San Luis Obispo, California

RadioU is amazing. Whenever I’m feeling down or upset you always say exactly what I need to hear in that exact moment. Like it’s God telling me what I need to hear, when I need it most.

Isaac listens to RadioU 88.7 in Delaware, Ohio

RadioU changed my life. Before I heard of you guys I was in a pit of despair. I knew about Jesus but no one had told me who He was. Thanks for all you do.

Jared listens to RadioU 88.7 in Westerville, Ohio

There are days when alcohol and lust win. Every day is a battle and it’s so easy to make mistakes. But I always come back, and more often than not it is RadioU that brings me back. I am thankful for people like you.

Nick listens to RadioU 103.5 in Saginaw, Michigan

I’m not religious. However, the constant positivity that radiates from this channel is unlike anything out there anywhere. I’ve been listening and will continue to do so.

A. listens to RadioU 88.7 in Westerville, Ohio

I was especially thankful for Obadiah this morning when he was talking about struggles with depression. I lost a friend to suicide just over a week ago, and it has been a very scary time for me because I also struggle with depression. I have felt like I’m fighting for my life in the last week, and listening this morning gave me some hope. I appreciate you all so much!

Abigail listens to RadioU 88.7 in Columbus, Ohio

The music is amazing but most of all you remind me every day that no matter what I am going through, God is there for me. I don’t know how I would function without RadioU.

Let us say thank you?

Exclusively for RadioU supporters!

Let us say “thank you” with a new fall fundraiser t-shirt or The RIOT Club lightweight hoodie!

Fall Fundraiser T-Shirt + Hoodie

We’ll send you a new, limited-edition fall fundraiser t-shirt as our way to say “thanks” for the help when you donate at least $30 /month or $180 onetime to pay for one day of your RadioU station!

Give at least $50 /month or $300 onetime and we’ll send you The RIOT Club lightweight hoodie as our thanks!

T-shirt + Hoodie FAQ
  • If your donation is at least $30 a month or $180 onetime, we can send you an exclusive fall fundraiser t-shirt. It’s our way of saying “thanks” for the help!
  • If you’ve started with a smaller donation during RadioU’s Fall Fundraiser, you can later increase your donation to qualify for the t-shirt. Or if you’re already giving at least $25 a month, you can request one when you add a onetime donation or increase your monthly giving, or through our Update Preferences page without adding to your giving.
  • You can request multiple t-shirts, but each must be accompanied by an additional qualifying donation (ie, you can request two shirts when you give $60/mo)
  • Choose your size carefully — we’ll be unable to offer exchanges. T-shirts will be shipped later this fall, and once we’ve received at least partial payment toward your donation.
  • The same principles apply to The RIOT Club lightweight hoodie at its qualifying giving levels of $50 a month or $300 onetime.

Thank You - RadioU DJs— Obadiah, Nikki, Sydney, Hudson, Zach, and Josh all say “Thank You!” —