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Aaron Cole drops a double single
Posted On January 27, 2020 | No comments

Aaron Cole just dropped his double single AOTY that features the tracks “mad!” and “my year.” You can add them both to your collection right here. Leading up to the release, Cole launched a new [...]

The Classic Crime previews Patterns In The Static
Posted On January 27, 2020 | No comments

The Classic Crime just premiered “Take The Moment” as the first new track off of their forthcoming album Patterns In The Static. The record will be released on February 28th and you can pre-order it [...]


Death Therapy – It’s OK
Posted On January 24, 2020 | No comments

New to RadioU this week Listen, request, or buy below: When two RadioU titans team up, they’re twice as likely to make it on the playlist, as is the case this week as we welcome [...]


Riot FOOD FIGHT: Chocolate Marshmallow and Coconut Caramel OREOS
Posted On January 27, 2020 | No comments

Did Nikki intentionally give Obadiah the coconut ones? What ones? We’re talking about the new Oreo flavors featured in this food fight: Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel Coconut. Which ones did we like and which ones [...]

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