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NF’s “Let You Down” to be featured in Fortnite Festival
Posted On July 19, 2024 | No comments

NF is easily one of the biggest artists that you can find us playing on The U, but to say that he would have his music in Fortnite launches him into another stratosphere with the [...]

Fit For A King’s “Technium” single to drop on July 26th
Posted On July 19, 2024 | No comments

Fit For A King’s “heavy” song that was promised by lead singer Ryan Kirby on X finally has come to light. “Technium” is set to drop on Friday, July 26th marking their second release of [...]

Band Interviews

Deep Al Brindle: “Nervous” Interview | RadioU
Posted On May 24, 2024 | 2 comments

The electronic duo of Diego and AL are back with their newest song creation titled “Nervous“, but we wouldn’t use that word to describe how they felt when sitting down to talk with Hudson about the [...]

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