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Switchfoot covers Bill Withers
Posted On April 8, 2020 | No comments

Switchfoot is now at 20+ days in a row of performing acoustic music for their Live From Home series. Recent installments include renditions of “Meant To Live” and “All I Need” as well as a [...]

Emery sets a date for White Line Fever
Posted On April 8, 2020 | No comments

We have a release date for the next album from Emery. They’ve announced that White Line Fever will be out on June 5th and you can check out the cover art on their Twitter. June [...]

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Manafest on The RIOT
Posted On March 17, 2020 | No comments

Manafest is a Canadian so why does he have an American flag in his room? Obviously, we’re asking the IMPORTANT questions. The RIOT catches up with Manafest and hears about his new song, his trips [...]


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