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The Hudson Show

The Hudson Show

The best days begin with The Hudson Show on RadioU!

Every weekday morning, Hudson wakes you up with the RadioU music you love plus band interviews, food fights, music news, and his unique views on pop culture, sports, and more!

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Battle Of The Buzz

Two new RadioU songs battle head-to-head on The Hudson Show, Wednesdays at 7 AM ET/PT! The winner is determined by YOUR vote, so text your vote to 877-2-RADIOU NOW!

“Angel In The Outfield”

Limoblaze & KB
“One Day”

This week’s winner is Limoblaze & KB – One Day!

Hudson's Blog

Wendy’s Triple Berry Frosty | Food Fight
Posted On June 18, 2024 | No comments

  This summer, Hudson wants to keep NayNay cool by letting him taste Wendy’s new Triple Berry Frosty. Coming from a former employee, he’ll be the real judge of the quality. [...]

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