Glasslands post brand new song

Glasslands post brand new song

Plus, Paper Route video resurfaces, Skillet kicks off new tour, BBQ and Battery come together and more.

Glasslands have posted a new song called “Lost Times,” and if you want to follow along with the lyrics, you can find them in the description of the Youtube video.

A video of Paper Route’s song “Calm My Soul” popped up again last week. It’s a few months old but definitely worth checking out.

Skillet is part of the Carnival of Madness Tour that kicks off on Sunday in New Jersey. The tour will hit OKC on September 8th and Spokane on September 12th.

Maylene & The Sons of Disaster, The Overseer and The Color Morale were announced as part of the lineup for BBQ Fest 2013 in Georgia. If you can’t make it to Georgia in October…just eat some BBQ while listening to Battery.

Hug Your Mother, the side project of The Classic Crime side project Chugga Chugga, has posted a video of their new single. Obviously, it’s a very serious side project. See if you can find the RadioU shirt in the video.

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