Playdough announces two new albums

Playdough announces two new albums

Plus, KB to release new album in April, Andy Hunter posts new SushiFriday songs, Lecrae teases new Anomaly tour dates and more.

Playdough has revealed a ton of plans for new music. He’ll be releasing a project called 1985 Party Time Excellent on March 3rd to raise money for his next studio album We Buy Gold. You can check out the preorder bundles and a new song called “No Requests” on Bandcamp.

KB will be releasing a new album on April 21st called Tomorrow We Live and  you can see some potential album artwork in the promo video. This will be the follow-up to his 100 EP which was released last April.

Last year, Andy Hunter teamed up with producer Robbie Bronniman for a musical collaboration called SushiFriday, and they’ve finally posted two songs on Bandcamp called “Shifter” and


Lecrae teased round two of The Anomaly Tour on Instagram. Cities and dates have yet to be announced.


Fusion hiphop artist Yaves has released the music video for his new song “Revolver.” That will be on his upcoming album In Winter’s Ear, releasing on Feburary 10th.

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